I live in a rural beachside setting on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with my generous & supportive husband who told me I needed a studio and made sure I got one.

Several years ago ‘The Artist’s Way’ book woke me up to the potential of creative process for enhanced living. Since then I took a really early retirement from a good desk job and now try to follow a path of colour, energy and discovery.

From 2005 to 2009 I completed a North Island College Fine Arts Diploma program. I studied colour theory, drawing, photography, art history & sculpture. I have since taken textile courses with MAIWA Handprints. I have also been fortunate to be tutored in handling fleece, spinning and dyeing by local expert Sylvia Macpherson.

I guess I’ve always thought that what we use to make our clothes, cover our windows & furniture, wrap our babies and sleeping children in, is special. I am always impressed with ancient textiles and the traditions that continue in the manipulation of materials.

I mostly work with fabric, dyes, and wool for spinning, knitting and felting.
Sometimes wire and quirky synthetic materials interest me for knitting projects. Silk fabric and anything stretchy are my favourite materials. While exploring & experimenting with ways to finish the edges of fine silk, I discovered the pleasures of singeing the edges with open flame and have never looked back.

Colour is important; the vividness and subtlety of colours found in our contemporary synthetic world fascinate me. I use both natural and synthetic dyes depending on the project and the material.

Right now, inspiration for my creations comes from deep water and the things that live there, from forms in shadow and traditions in fibre making around the world. When I travel I pay attention to local customs and traditions, then integrate what I see into my art.

I am a fortunate person. I know where I come from. I accept who I am. I look forward to what may come along next.